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Near side rear stub axle

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  • Near side rear stub axle

    Hi All

    I’m looking for a near side rear stub axle for a 1.3 Maestro. Does anyone have one to sell or know of one?



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    Rimmers sell those, they did have quite a few last year, have a look-see on their website
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      Rimmers web site currently have:

      RH side Part no NAM3450 20 becomes 33 with VAT + Delivery
      LH side Part no NAM3451 70 becomes 93 with VAT + Delivery.

      Quite a big difference in price. It depends what they mean by RH/LH?


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        LH is near side on right hand drive cars, the LH stub has a left hand thread, which might explain the price difference. Most more recent vehicles have right hand thread on both sides, goods vehicle wheel nuts used to be left hand thread on left hand side, but now all are right hand thread. The theory on the stub axle being that if the locking device (split pin on a Maestro) failed / the outer bearing seized, then the nut would tighten itself, rather than winding itself off and letting the wheel fall off. Presumably they decided that this was an unlikely scenario and saved themselves a few quid by not planning against it on later cars. Whether you want to join them and fit the cheaper right hand threaded one is up to you, you'd need to remember you'd done it next time the hub was to remove though.


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          My understanding is, the cheap side is the one they have /had lots of new old stock. The expensive side is the one they have to order in from X part (or whatever its called now) so is charged at the full retail price as every other supplier would do. So, please don't blame Rimmers for making one too expensive, but praise for selling one cheap (it least until they are down to the last one!)


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            Thanks for all the advice...