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MG Maestro Turbo on Ebay

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  • MG Maestro Turbo on Ebay

    this seems an odd advert. Great looking car, but no description. is it a genuine advert?

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    This has been flagged up several times on the Maestro & Montego facebook page.

    They believe it is a scam (note there are two identical listings on ebay).

    So buyer beware!


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      It is a scam, the real owner is on the facebook group and isn't selling..


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        It seams to been relisted again on Ebay (283803522497) odd description beware of this seller.


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          Is the car mentioned on this thread by any chance a red 30th anniversary Maestro Turbo? If so then it keeps popping back up on Ebay and is currently active. I messaged him about the car and he's gone from being in Blackburn to Milan & now its listed as in England again. Also the email address has changed 3 times so if it isn't the same car its potentially somebody else trying it on.
          Ebay item number - 274409764785
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            Its a scam, been a few times like that
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