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  • The "Big Boost" event

    Morning All

    I am trying to organise a Turbo extravaganza this year at the BL Autumn Rally at Milton Keynes, which is on Sunday 30th September.
    Itís right at the end of the season so Iím hoping that this show wouldnít compete against too many other events, and Milton Keynes is relatively central.
    Another plus side to the show is itís free to enter and free for spectators too.

    Back in 1999 (should have been 1998 by my reckoning!) the MG M and FWD groups organised a 10th anniversary event. They managed to assemble 40 Turbos (which is really impressive).
    I don't think we could manage that (not enough left in roadworthy condition probably) but hope to bring together as many as possible.
    I'm thinking of a snappy name like the "Big Boost meeting" (boost as in Turbo?!)
    To get a decent number of owners and cars together, we're going to have to go outside just the ranks of the Maestro & Montego Owners Club.
    We are contacting the Front Wheel Drive Register of the MG Car Club, the MGOC, and the Tickford Register.
    We will also be putting out an appeal on the club's Facebook and Enthusiasts Facebook pages, and other committee members will be getting the classic motoring press to help us out with any owners who are not Facebook or Web users.

    The only restriction is that they be original O series engined Turbos.

    I hope you can bring out your car and join us, to make this celebration a success.
    Please reply to this message if you think you can participate.

    Many thanks

    Andrew Stokell

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    A clarification folks, we are wanting only original MG Maestro Turbos at this event, so your car must be one of the 505 genuine Turbos made.


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      Further clarification, any BLARG cars are welcome at the BL Autumn Rally at MK but only genuine turbos would be part of the "Big Boost" display. I am sure that is what Andrew meant.


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        Thanks for clarification Jeremy


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          Having spoken to committee, I can clarify that we're happy to welcome any original Maestro Turbo (one of the 505) whether it has an O Series or a T-series engine. This is a change from my original post.


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            My aim is to get my Turbo back on the road this year (I need the garage space for an extension) so this would make a really good date to aim for, albeit tricky. Lets see what happens.....
            I have at least started stripping the front of the car down and the callipers are off for refurbishment.
            Whether I have that car ready or not I'll have to come along and see how many you manage to get there!
            Ian Drew
            MG Maestro Turbo '400'
            MG ZT V8
            Rover 75 V6 Estate


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              Cheers Ian, fingers crossed for you



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                It's now in the calendar, and only clashes with a northern event
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