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    Hi, just a quick hello, just rejoined after a 4ish year absence. Have had in the family 4 maestro and 2 montego. Now got to get our mg maestro back on the road. After a 3 year sleep in the garage. She not starting at the moment. But we hope to have at Longbridge next year. The car is a 2.0 efi on a 89 f plate. Which me and my brother own between us. Had the mg 9 years now. And won't her back on the road, mg,s in original condition not resprayed or mucked about with
    and solid. With manuals and original service book, plus thanks to previous owner lots more history.

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    Be good to see you & the car at Longbridge.


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      Good to have you on board again and another Maestro will be saved.

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        Thanks , for your replys should have the car running soon both main and fuel pump relay not working. So on the look out for some. This was the reason why the car was put away. But not forgotten. Just whish we could have saved the very early HLS maestro . Maestro we had but we lost storage.