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    Hello, I'm Max.

    I'm 21 years old and recently purchased an Austin Maestro Special to use as a daily runner, I wanted a unique car that I would easily be able to work on as well as something that I would be able to lightly restore and take to car shows! An A-series car seemed like a safe bet and I've always been fond of Austin Rover. Overall the car is in excellent condition with only minor issues. I'll try and post some pictures for you later!

    I have a couple quick questions (apologies if i should be asking them on a different board)

    1, The brakes are mildly terrifying, I don't believe they've ever been replaced as the car is only sitting around 34k miles. I'm assuming due to it being a 1.3 it has solid disks on the front? I haven't really had a proper chance to get the car up and check yet. If so would it be possible for me to swap to vented disks (with new calipers) and keep the original wheels? I believe the hubs are the same as what you'd find on Montegos and early MGFs, could these be swapped directly over? If not are there any other upgrades I can make to the breaks, other than replacing the disks and pads?

    2, The front passenger wing is 90% filler and easily the worse part of the car, Its a terrible repair job that doesn't colour match nor follow the lines of the arch correctly. I believe panels are bolted on and can be replaced? If I were to do this and spray a new panel is there anywhere I would be able to find the "Maestro Special" decals that sit below the indicator?

    3, Finally just any recommendations on car maintenance from those that have owned them would be appreciated! I'm currently hunting for a car cover and aim to keep the car in good condition!

    Thanks for you time, I hope to speak with you all soon!
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    grab the relevant Haynes manual if you dont have one and if you dont have a service history start working your way thru it. If brake fluid looks brown just flush it thru with something like a "gunson easibleed" as soon as you can - that might help your braking with fresh fluid.


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      The easiest way to get hold of a special decal is to get a sign making place to copy your original one. If the brakes are poor from the first application, then fitting ventilated discs won't help, they are just less likely to fade after prolonged hard use. I would just do as suggested above and check that everything is working as it should, as long as nobody has fitted 'performance' pads the brakes are usually pretty good.