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    Hi Guys
    Maestro Turbo No. 384.
    With the onset of cooler damper weather having problems with the heater, or rather lack of, in the Maestro Turbo.
    All pipes are connected and water seems to be flowing, but even on hot setting the air coming out of the vents is at best luke warm.
    Any ideas please

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    That could be a few things, Thermostat to cool, blocked rad, blocked matrix pipes or could be blocked rear water pipe which is most likely. Have you tried flushing the system including removing all the coolant pipes? The rear water pipe is behind the carb and does get rusty over time leading to blockages. Its connected to the thermostat housing and heater pipes coming out of the bulkhead
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      Thanks Jeff.
      Will give it a go this weekend, weather permitting.


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        Don't forget that the face level vents only ever blow cold air. The hot air comes out of the screen or foot vents only. - The Tickford Maestro Turbo Register - The Rover 200/400 (R8) Owners Club - My Rover Diesel Site


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          Thanks Mr ETV. Was gonna take a look today, but the weather is awful.
          Still there is always tomorrow, the benefits of being retired.