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Front and rear top strut mounts

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  • Front and rear top strut mounts

    Hello everyone,

    My son and I are rebuilding the AN Racing Maestro T16 turbo. My brother and I bought it 11 or so years ago and after a gearbox rebuild and a new LSD we used it on the road for a couple of years then he died and ever since it has sat in dry storage under a tarp. Now my son is of an age that he can help in the rebuild and drive it so it's being resurrected. So far it has had an engine top end rebuild, a modern engine management system with coils on plugs and huge injectors, a new GT2876 turbo, new water injection system, radiator, electronic dash and a full rewire. We have just done a rear disk conversion and while down there we noticed the old LEDA coilovers were well past their best so I ordered some Gaz replacements. Of course the first question they asked was which top mounts we have. Since I have no idea what are fitted on the car, originals I assume, and they are also looking a bit manky so I think we will change them too but no idea where to find the rear ones. Can anyone help?
    Does anyone know if they are the same part number at both ends? I anyone aware of any aftermarket fronts with real bearings in them rather than the squashed rubber ring the BL used?

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    I think the back ones are very hard to find now, not sure about the front rubber bushes, but apparently the thrust bearing BL used is the same as some sort of VW, there may be a thread on here about it. If yours hasn't got a bearing in, then I guess someone must have modified it. I've attached the pages from the parts list, which might help you find them and if not will give you clues as to what they look like, there may be other parts that will do the job, maybe from a Golf?
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      Thanks, that's fantastic information. I will start looking at Golf strut mounts of the same era and see if I can find any similar looking ones.


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        no problem, some of the bits should be available from rimmers or ebay, worth checking too easy enough to find out if they have them when you have the part numbers!


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          If we are talking top rubber mounts NAM1180 NAM 1181 I did put someone up who had a few pairs of the rears .


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            Remember now Mini technique rear rubbers 23 pair . Dont know if he has any left but worth a try . Very helpful chap.


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              All sorted thanks to this top quality information! I have a set of NAM1180/1181s on the way and a set of Golf Mk2/3 top mounts, bearings and slotted nuts plus FAM9457 top rubbers so hopefully when the new Gaz stuff arrives I'll be all sorted to fit it.
              For reference the Golf stuff is easy to find on EBay, the rear rubbers NAM1180/1181 and front rubbers FAM9457 are in stock at Rimmers. The rears look like Rimmers have had the made as they are now yellow not black.