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Mechanical fuel pumps - A-series

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  • Mechanical fuel pumps - A-series

    Hi all,

    Does anyone know the difference between the su fuel pumps for A-series Maestros and Minis et al? Su list them separately on the website with different parts numbers but give no specifications (I probably should just ask them).

    I've been trying to find the size of the inlet and outlet but can't find that either, I'll have to measure the one on the car. I'll replace the rubber lines whilst I'm fitting a new pump.

    Has anyone got any experience of fitting a non su fuel pump? Is it worth it or just pay double for the su?

    Mine seems to need quite a bit of priming before she'll start which is why I'm looking. I replaced everything bar the starter motor earlier in the year so believe this will be the most likely cause. Everything else is set up fine and she runs well just a long cranking when she's been left a while.

    Thanks in advance

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    90!! does it look the same as this?


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      It does, but then they all pretty much do to me! But it does seem to be an original. Whether it's THE original or not.
      Indeed 90 on the SU site. I was mostly going for new new as they're built for modern fuel. I don't actually use E10. But it'd be nice to know if I had to I won't be causing much damage.

      I'm torn on the fuel thing. I use E5 because I switched to high octane before reading further when E10 came in but from what I've read it doesn't appear to do much if you're using the vehicle regularly and I use it as my main vehicle. Although I've heard of people's issues in other cars with carb floats etc. Wondering if new su floats are made with E10 in mind. I assume they would be.

      Somehow I think the fuel is the least of my car's worries at the rate rust seems to generate on it. I've got another welding session booked for it but will probably need some door action soon.

      I probably will go for the rover item, thank you. It's worth a punt and if it doesn't last I know I can go new next time.


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        You could ask su, if they changed the part number for ethanol proof pumps or not