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Maestro van sill repair section.

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  • Maestro van sill repair section.

    Not really a part number cross reference, but as most van owners will know, repairing the rear section of sill is a problem often best solved by cutting a car sill up. I have just discovered that a Metro sill, which is a lot easier to find than a Maestro one, has a very similar shape, not long enough to do a full sill repair, but enough to do the part between the end of the van sill and the back wheelarch. Looks like the lower lip will be to bend slightly, but the hard to duplicate top section is the same. . comparison photos show metro sill with an already cut up Maestro car sill and a no longer available van full length cover sill from Hadrian panels. I will be trying this out in the near future, will add any extra information when I've tried it in real life, but it looks like a lot of work saved...

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    Interesting to know, can you just replace with a metro sill?
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      Originally posted by Jeff Turbo View Post
      Interesting to know, can you just replace with a metro sill?
      No, it is too short and the back bit on Metro flares out, the bit that is similar is long enough to do half a sill, so good for vans, where the genuine sill stops at the b pillar. The front of the Metro one is virtually identical, only difference is angle on bottom lip as far as I can see. It was pure chance that I found out...there was a bloke flogging a sill very cheap at the NERC show, he let me take it over to the car and check it against mine, as well as measuring it few times (he sold a cheap tape measure too!) I thought it was good gamble at the price and when I got home to check properly, I was well chuffed. If Maestro sills totally disappear, you'd need two Metro ones to make one full one, so very dear at full price, but I'll be keeping my eyes open for them at autojumbles....