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G535BUY Montego Estate GSi - petrol manual

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  • [For Sale] G535BUY Montego Estate GSi - petrol manual

    We are planning to reduce from two Montego Estates to one! The 'G' Reg has been on the drive SORN for 18 months, but is now with the garage, as the ideal would be for it to leave us roadworthy and with MOT, so it could be driven away by purchaser... It needs a new starter motor and fuel pump at least and I am trying to source these now. The front left-hand headlamp was accidentally smashed, but there is a replacement ready to fit. The alternative is that an enthusiast takes on the work him or herself, but without MOT etc it would need recovery or towing with trade plates or whatever. We live in SW London.... I think the GSi model is now very rare so a great restoration project, as there is a lot still good about the car. Mileage under 100,000. Had new sills and rear wheel arches in 2017. Keen to make a decision soon, so feel free to reply through the website or better still to contact Julia on 07798 863 967

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    Looks a nice car from that picture, great colour
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      I am sorry not to have posted any further updates about G535BUY. The new starter motor and fuel pump were meant to arrive at the garage on Tuesday (3rdNov).... They haven't arrived yet (Thursday 5th) and Hermes don't seem to know where they are.... really frustrating. Will update when I can, I hope to get down to the garage tomorrow and take some photos, which I know would be helpful.


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        Update on G535BUY. Garage has installed the new fuel pump, but say that a new starter motor does not appear to be needed. However, they have still been unable to start the vehicle. Multi-functional relay definitely working, so that isn't the problem. (Obvious things like a new battery installed, dash board lights come on when ignition turned, so not a problem across the board.) They think it is an electrical supply problem, but unsure really. Anyone got any advice? The battery was disconnected most of the time that it was SORN on our drive. From my total lack of technical knowledge, I asked a really basic question about fuel-supply, which was.... could all the fuel have evaporated in that 18 months + that it has been on our drive, including in the hot summer sun? (Remember summer?) They don't seem to think so, but I don't think they have actually checked if there is any fuel, which seems really puzzling to me....Any advice welcomed! I took some photos while I was at the garage on Saturday which I will post below. Race against time now, as the garage has to leave their premises on Saturday....


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            Final 3 photos of G535BUY taken 07.11.20 at the garage


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              So, the questions we need answers to are:

              Does the starter motor turn the engine (and at the correct speed)?
              Does the fuel pump run for a couple of seconds when the ignition is first turned on?
              Is the coil producing a spark when the engine is turning over? (This will prove out the crankshaft sensor, coil, ignition ECU and associated wiring).
              If a spark is available, is it getting to the plugs? (This will prove out the distributor cap and HT leads)
              If a spark is getting to the plugs, will the engine run with 'Easy Start' sprayed directly into the air intake? (This will confirm that fuel is NOT reaching the injectors)

              I also share your concern that they have not checked if there is any fuel in the tank.......!
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