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    Originally posted by toonarf View Post
    Thanks Jeff
    Notching the front cross member proved to a real nightmare I didn't work out much how the tow point and snubber mount are internally reinforced so I ended up cutting the crossmember incorrectly. But its all good now with the internal steel work reinstated but adapted to a narrowed profile. I now know it would have been easier to have had a bespoke manifold made which would have lifted the turbo above the cross member.
    On another note I see someone has fitted an 1800 vvc K series to a Maestro

    Yeah saw that David, As long as its good now, we all make mistakes on a learning curve
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      Hi Everyone

      The summer is here and the Maestro has hit the road starting to run well, now with the turbo fitted, as I get to grips with mapping it.
      Happy Motoring


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