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Leaving "Triple-M" Ownership

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  • Leaving "Triple-M" Ownership

    Well, after a long discussion and some hard decisions, we have decided to "leave" 70's 80's "cars" behind us.

    Over the coming months I will be sorting out a preparing for sale all the Montego's we currently own (DLX Estate(Barn)/2.0LX saloon (SOLD) (Wiltshire)/1.6 Saloon(Wiltshire))

    Both MGB GT's (the 77 is above averedge, the 76 needs a full resto) (Barn)

    My Scimitar GTE(Wiltshire), and Fiona's 1275 Midget(Barn).

    And finally Both MG Maestro's (Wiltshire)(Black G plate ex Unipart car, and the 28k miles White EFI.)

    And of course , the remains of the car formally known as "The Mental Maestro", which will be broken up.(Wiltshire)

    Our aim is to get down to one Rover (827i) Fiona's Late fathers Scimitar GTE and our two Land Rovers.
    All associated parts/paperwork and such will be going too. So some very rare 80's ARG parts will becoming available, but they will not be at "give away" prices.
    Our long term aim is to concentrate on our Land Rover's and possibly purchase and restore a late S3 CSW.

    Please do not inundate me with request's for details of each car or spares that will be available.
    I will list each car once it is ready in my eyes to sell.

    Only when all cars have been sold, will I list the parts that are available.

    It's been fun and it's been crap, but I have made some excellent friends and some great memories.

    It's time to move on, should have done it some time back, but as some of you know it's not an easy thing to do.

    I've been associated with these cars for over 25 years, and this forum for over 10.

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    Sorry to hear your packing up Mal, does this mean you're emptying the barn?
    Don't envy you with that


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      Yep, Barn is already well on it's way to being emptied Russ.
      (land lord is selling up)

      Several cars already gone, several "hundreds" of parts already sold.

      In fact, around 95% of all the NOS stuff has already gone, Once Jeff has removed the remains of the current breaker, the red monty shell is gone, and cameron has removed his two cars(which wont be long), the floor area will be around 60% empty.



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        I can understand where you coming from, i don't know your reasons but there been times where myself feel like moving on bigger and better things, 25 years long time, i owned MG maestro of some sort since first car at 18 years old now 40 so not long behind you
        Once its in your blood it never leaves you
        your not planning to leave the forum too?

        Remember i asked first about white MG few months ago
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          I'll likely stay registered and active until it's all gone.
          I'm pretty sure a lot of the parts I have will be of interest to some.

          I have not forgotten your interest Charlie, and will give you first dibs once I have him cleaned up and retested.
          (Although he will be back on cross spokes, not the 16" TF alloys he currently wears).


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            Sorry to hear this Mal but you've got to do what you've got to do.


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              sorry to hear your leaveing the 80s behind a time when ownership of these cars are becomeing rearer and time passes by good cars will be fewer and farther apart to find.but hopefullly new people will get interested in keeping these 80s cars alive for generations to come.just like the 70s cars austin/morris manufactored in the 60s and crab and 1100/1300s/minis


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                Sad to hear that Mal. I'm sure your input and knowledge and assistance will be greatly missed.


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                  I am very sad to hear this news but I can certainly understand the reasoning.

                  You have been a great source of parts but more importantly knowledge and inspiration (and I hope still will in the future).

                  Best wishes, Ian


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                    Sorry to hear that Mal , but all the best with your future plans.


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                      Thanks Guy's.

                      To be honest I should have done this before we moved south, but too many things got in the way.

                      I'm going back to "my first love" which is Land Rovers.

                      Hopefully I will get the cars sorted and listed first, then the parts.

                      Cars that may be of interest on here are.

                      28k miles MG Maestro EFI (White)(SOLD)

                      Ex Unipart G plate Maestro EFI (Black)

                      25k Miles Montego 2.0 LX (White)(SOLD)

                      G Plate Montego 1.6L (Black)

                      L plate Montego TD DLX Estate (White needs work,but not too much)(SOLD)

                      Remains of J plate Black Maestro EFI (An abandoned project that has had a new rear quarter, full drivers sill and pro rebuilt rear panel etc, new shocks,steering etc.

                      Mental Maestro (now efi) but still with original suspension as fitted by Viktor and many good/great parts still fitted. (SOLD)

                      After that, there are many rare and rare-ish parts that I still have, Including NOS rear Panel/sills Bonnet/Doors/Skins/Tanks/and hundreds of service items which include bonnet release cables, Grills, Wheels, brake components, suspension bush's, ARB bush's etc etc.

                      I hope to make a comprehensive list of new parts over the coming weeks, and will try to price them fairly, as I would like things to go quickly(but not at a loss)

                      (Also lots and lots of used parts which I will job lot out for a fair price)

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                        Originally posted by MG MAL View Post
                        Well, after a long discussion and some hard decisions, we have decided to "leave" 70's 80's "cars" behind us.

                        I've been associated with these cars for over 25 years, and this forum for over 10.

                        Just shows how old you are Mal lol
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                          Originally posted by MG MAL View Post
                          Thanks Guy's.

                          To be honest I should have done this before we moved south, but too many things got in the way.

                          Personally I'm bloody glad you didn't clean house prior to moving south, I'd of never come across my trio of turbo's which has only been possible due to YOU.

                          All said and done mate, I think you'll be happier with a nice simple Land Rover restoration to keep you tinkering in the future. A sound investment and if you go the route you mentioned with the chassis a very long term investment.

                          Cheers for everything you've done for me so far, I'm sure there's still a few more deals to be done before you call time on the MMMs.

                          Current Fleet.

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                            Sorry youre packing in Mal,know you have been thinking about it for a while, all the best in the future, whatever you do, let me know when convenient to pick my "bits" up ,when you get a minute let me know what the black efi involves.
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                              Which one Norman, the J plate abandoned project, or the Unipart G plate.