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Finds at CMC Mini Riviera Run

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  • Finds at CMC Mini Riviera Run

    I went to the Mini Riviera Run at Pentewan yesterday, got a few smiles for the Maestro in the car park but also picked up a couple of things for my A series Maestro, a few gaskets, a thermostat housing for a late Cooper which is the same as the Metro 1275 housing except the expansion pipe isn't drilled (but is drillable). Click image for larger version  Name:	PXL_20220501_093749687~2.jpg Views:	0 Size:	958.4 KB ID:	335398

    I picked up the housing as I was worried about mine being a pain to get off and had been putting off checking the thermostat without having a spare in case I broke it.
    ​​​​​​4 was a bargain considering the cheapest I can find a used one online was 20. A new MPI mini one is 60-70 which also had the expansion offtake. Apparently the tooling for the originals was scrapped, as far as I can tell so were metro and maestro ones. New ones are CNCed alloy.

    ​​​​​​Turned out I didn't need it, I got a new thermostat at the show and fitted this morning and now the engine does as expected but mine came off easy enough with a bit of wd40. I did check the mini one fitted though and it does except the hose fitting faces toward the wing more, there's loads of room but may need a longer top hose to the radiator, I don't think mine would have reached the extra couple of centimetres.

    I put an 88c thermostat in and took out a 75c one which I think was my cold running problem. Someone had also siliconed the housing to the sandwich plate which was fun to clean up.

    I also managed to pick up this
    Click image for larger version  Name:	PXL_20220501_093833841~2.jpg Views:	0 Size:	1.21 MB ID:	335399
    A new clubman decal which I was very happy about. I had a spare tailgate repaired and painted a few months ago and I was always disappointed I was going to lose my decal when I finally get around to fitting it.. Sadly it was the only one they had. I really need to get my windscreen taken out. I got new rear screen seals but keep putting off doing it as trying to arrange a windscreen fitter to work around me removing and fitting the replacement tailgate seems awkward. The one on the car is literally falling apart though.

    Not entirely relevant to anything so wasn't sure where to post but I also couldn't find any posts about thermostat housings so thought I would!
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    Some nice finds there, used to find quite a bit in years gone but a lot of parts a re rarer now so take longer to find
    1958 Ford Consul Convertible. I love this car
    1965 Ford Zodiac Executive. Fab cruiser
    1984 MG Montego EFi in black. Digital dash, nearer completion
    1997 Jaguar Xk8 Convertible. Such a fab car
    2004 MGZT cdti. Great workhorse
    2004 MGZT V8. I love this car